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Superficial like a thorn...
Shallow Hero (Cruz)
Setlist for London show. @treleparc @mike_dosxx @bj_unoxx #greendaylondon
lol ! Show in London
Not that you care, but this is what my phone looks like @ 1039 every day! Lol

via mike_dosxx
1995- Green day …
American idiot - Era.
Billie joe, hanging out, waiting for a bus.
Sweet … So …..
Green day Show earlier yesterday in London, only 60 thousand people!
1039 - Era, Green day
One point for those who guess who is the guy in the picture!
1039 Sosh - Era - Old times from Green day !
Early years ….
Old Times from Gilman St.
Pop Punk Party ~
Initial D - Second Stage